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I'm actually trash.
But I'm MY kind of trash.

Rune Factory 4’s Arthur and Forte commission
This kind of reminds me of that period of like 3 months where I only got commissions that involved characters in libraries or reading books with a dramatic lighting whoa
The true mission behind playing the character, Grapes, is finding the sexiest and least amount of clothes that make her look the most badass out of everyone in Dragon’s Dogma.
Which is not hard
I literally got back from cosplay club yesterday, saw I had a commission, and figured, what the hell, I have tomorrow off, might as well stay up until 2 am popping this one out

School has murdered my responsible summer sleep schedule
rest in pieces
Here’s my submission for the MICA Halloween Party… I don’t know if I shouldn’t be posting this or anything but what the heck~!
This year’s theme is Addams Family.
Holy crap I’m finally done
Part two of that illustration project my bUTT HURTS FROM SITTING SO LONG
Here’s the first part of my three part Onomatopoeia triptych for my Illustration class.
I chose to do animal noises that people make in everyday life, but emphasizing their animalistic qualities by replacing their heads…
my-deadly-kisses said: Are you selling the ATLA flower crown image?

Yes! They are $20 plus shipping! Send me an email at sarahgavagan@gmail.com if you are interested. :)


The wizards outfit makes me want to play dragon age~
twitterp4ted said: Is your Avatar flower crowns print available for sale?

Yes! They’ll be 11X17 inches on cardstock and $20.

Send me an email at sarahgavagan@gmail.com if you’re interested!